April 5, 2020

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2019-2020 End of the Year Power Rankings: Part Three

By: Lucas Sreniawski

16: Dallas Cowboys (8-8) 17th pick in draft

The Dallas Cowboys were once again the definition of mediocre this past season. The difference this year was that this was actually about as good as their team was going to get. Now that this season is over, they have some big contracts they need to hand out that will handicap them going forward. Still, their roster will have talent and the NFC least will continue to provide them with an easy schedule to contend with.

15: Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8) 49th pick in draft

Once Big Ben got injured for the rest of the season you kind of knew it was over for the Steelers. They got a bit of a spark after they traded their 2020 first round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick, but their solid defense was unable to make up for their poor offense in the end. It appears that the Steelers are going to give it another go with Ben this year, but I have my doubts that he still has it coming off another major injury.

14: Chicago Bears (8-8) 43rd pick in draft

The Bears were a massive disappointment in 2019. All the fanfare of the 100th season of the Bears began with a dud against Green Bay, and never really got better. Going into 2020, the Bears seem to have more questions than answers. If they can answer those questions, namely at the QB position, then they will be right back in it competing for a Super Bowl. They don’t address them or get them wrong, and they’ll be right around .500 once again.

13: Rams (9-7) 52nd pick in draft

 The Rams have two of the absolute worst contracts in football in Jared Goff and Todd Gurley. This, coupled with the fact that they don’t have a first-round pick for a like, very long time, and this all spells trouble for the Rams. Oh, and the NFC West is probably the best division in football. But hey, at least they will have a fancy new stadium!

12: Philadelphia Eagles (Lost Wild Card) 21st pick in draft

You’ve got to feel for Carson Wentz. He was on his way to winning an MVP, then he gets hurt, his backup wins the Super Bowl, and he hasn’t been the same since. His inability to stay healthy has really left a shadow over what should still be an excellent career. He does need some more help, as it was drop city in Philly last year, but the real key for him and the Eagles as a whole is for him to stay healthy.

11: Buffalo Bills (Lost Wild Card) 22nd pick in draft

The Bills look like the strongest contender to take over the AFC East if the Patriots run is truly over. They nearly won the division this year, and they had a big halftime lead in their playoff matchup before they choked down the stretch. Still, they have a very good defense and an improving offense so expect them to be in the mix for a playoff spot once again.

10: Seattle Seahawks (Lost Wild Card) 27th pick in draft

The Seahawks have one of the best QBs in the NFL. Russell Wilson has the ability to take over any game. So, someone please tell me why they insist on being a run first team. I just do not get it, they consistently take the ball out of the hands of one of the games biggest, and highest paid, stars. Until they figure out to just give the ball to Wilson, they don’t even deserve to win.

9: New England Patriots (Lost Wild Card) 23rd pick in draft

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After a Wild Card round exit, and an impending free agency for Tom Brady, it appears like the reign of the Patriots may be over. Still, if it is over, it was a magnificent ride for the Patriots, and dynasty the likes of we will probably never see again. Although I do admit I’m not exactly super disappointed it may be over.