August 4, 2020

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Best Trade:

Austin: My favorite trade of the draft was a trade that didn’t happen, between the Dolphins, and Lions. The Dolphins were able to stand firm and draft Tua without having to give up any extra draft capital. General manager Chris Grier has nerves of steel and was able to keep all 3 of his first-round picks.

Zack: The Chargers jumping back into the first round via the Patriots pick at 23 wasa very good trade in my opinion. The pick was used to grab Kenneth Murray who’s the top rated inside linebacker and absolutely soaked up tackles at Oklahoma. Getting that quality of a player for a second and a third makes a lot of sense for Los Angeles.

Worst Trade:

Austin: Zack and I both agree here that the trade the Packers made to move up to take Jordan Love is the worst. It only cost the Packers a fourth-round pick to move up, but any trade-up should be for a player that is going to help your team immediately. This trade does nothing of the sort and just pissed off your most important player.

Zack: The Packers trading up with the Dolphins was a very curious move. With the teams ahead of them being Seattle, Baltimore, and Tennessee, three teams that definitely don’t need a quarterback, I’m not sure why Green Bay felt the need. Of course a team jumping them is possible, but getting a potential replacement for Rodgers with this pick just didn’t make much sense to me.

Best Value:

Austin: Jerry Jeudy fell a little in this draft due to a medical report that some doctors believe there is a chance for him to develop arthritis in his knee. But other doctors who have worked with Jeudy say there is no need for concern.  These medical discrepancies must have been music to John Elway ears because it allowed the Broncos’ to get the best wide receiver in the draft.

Zack: CeeDee Lamb falling all the way to the Cowboys at 17 was very unlikely but he had to be taken considering the value. Lamb has the best hands in the draft and putting him next to Cooper will give Dak Prescott a devastating duo of players to work with. Along with the great offensive line and Zeke Elliot, the Cowboys should have one of the more explosive offenses in the league.

Austin: Tristan Wirfs is a no brainer pick for the Bucs here. The Bucs got a player that many experts had going in the top 5 and was the top-rated tackle on many big boards. If your Tom Brady, you couldn’t ask for a better two days than the ones he’s had.

Zack: Wirfs was my top rated tackle and a player that was 4th on my Big Board. Falling all the way to 13 for the Bucs to trade up a spot for him was a huge slide and a fantastic value for Tampa. Getting another tackle to protect Brady will give him enough time to utilize his weapons while making the run game much more potent than it was last season. Wirfs’ athletic ability is unrivaled along the offensive line among players in this draft.

Austin: Patrick Queen being the third middle linebacker taken, was a shock to many NFL scouts. Queen is a linebacker perfectly built for the modern NFL. His athletic ability is elite, and he will immediately step into a starting role for the Ravens. The fact that the Ravens were able to get a top tier talent so late in the draft is truly incredible.

Zack: Murray wasn’t projected to go much higher than this pick, but the Chargers recognizing a need and opportunity to jump on the best inside linebacker in this draft is a great value. As I mentioned earlier he’s a tackle machine and flies all over the field. Slipping to 23 is a bit of a steal for Los Angeles.

Worst Value:

Austin: A.J. Terrell is a good player, and will hopefully have a long successful NFL career. But what the Falcons did here is straight criminal! According to Bovada Terrell over/under draft position came in at 32.5. This means that many experts think he was a borderline first-rounder.  My biggest reason for hating this pick is that the Falcons must have completely ignored the National Championship game because Terrell was torched all night long.

Zack: The Raiders chasing a cornerback was a predictable move but going after Arnette is questionable at best. We know the Raiders have a history of going after super athletic players regardless of skill, but Arnette doesn’t stand out in either category. Arnette wasn’t even a top 10 corner in my opinion and the Raiders made a huge mistake by getting him at 19.

Austin: Austin Jackson is a solid player and has a chance to develop into a solid offensive lineman. But Jackson is a project and will need to be eased into a starting role in the NFL. After flip-flopping about Tua injury concerns, I don’t think you can play Jackson for at least a couple of years. There were better tackles still on the board at this point, and I believed Miami reached here. 

Zack: Again, Al Davis loved picking guys who flashed fast 40 times and it seems like he was briefly resurrected to make this pick. Ruggs is an absolute flash but he isn’t the route runner that Jeudy is and he doesn’t have the hands that Lamb has. Despite Lamb being the third best receiver in this draft, either of those other players would have been better picks, especially at 12.

Austin:  Everyone agreed that Jordan Love was the fourth-best quarterback in this year’s draft. Everyone also agrees that Aaron Rodgers is still an elite quarterback. So what do the Packers do coming off a 13-3 season? They trade up to 26th to draft a quarterback that won’t play for another 3 years. The Packers are a team in a win-now mode so not taking a wide receiver here is indefensible. 

Zack: Andrew Thomas is a great tackle and he’s certainly in the upper echelon of the tackle class, but of the four players that make up that level, I had Thomas at 4th. True, Wirfs and Wills played right tackle in college, but they’re both much better players and Becton is flatly better with no reservations. If the Giants were set on Thomas they could have traded out of 4, acquired more picks, and snagged him later. This was a huge reach in my eyes.