A.L. Power Rankings – Week 5 – 5/6/19

Happy hangovers everyone! The best cure to the affects of a Sunday Funday is with some power rankings. Here are the American League power rankings as well as the biggest disappointment on each team so far.

15. Baltimore Orioles

Biggest Disappointment: Chris Davis- One might say how could one player also be a team’s MVP and their biggest disappointment? Yes, if you read our AL power rankings last week Davis was my pick for team MVP, but he is also their biggest disappointment. Why? When you have a record hitless steak then that’s why. Maybe one day Davis’ name won’t appear on my rankings.

14. Kansas City Royals

Biggest Disappointment: Billy Hamilton- Hamilton was the Royals big acquisition in the offseason. He has not paid them back. While he is still stealing a lot of bases, his hitting production has gone down. He is only hitting .194 on the season.

13. Oakland Athletics

Biggest Disappointment: Kendrys Morales- After trading for Morales right before the start of the season, Morales has not been playing very well. Always know as a power hitter, Morales has the same number of homeruns on the year as he has earned runs.

12. Chicago White Sox

Biggest Disappointment: Reynaldo Lopez- After a pretty good 2018 campaign, Lopez has come out of the gates slow. He currently has a 6.69 ERA and a -0.4 WAR. Many thought Lopez would be a staple of the rotation going forward, but this season is putting that in doubt.

11. Los Angeles Angels

Biggest Disappointment: Justin Bour- Bour signed for only a one-year deal with the Angels in the offseason, but he is not even living up to that. He currently is batting a dismal .169, and only has three homeruns on the year.

10. Detroit Tigers

Biggest Disappointment: Josh Harrison- Honestly, I didn’t know who to pick. This team is actually playing well for how bad they should be. I don’t mean that this team is good, god no. They’re bad, but they should be worse. Harrison is just the worst out of the consistent starters.

9. Toronto Blue Jays

Biggest Disappointment: Clay Buchholz- After a solid season in Arizona last year, Buchholz came over to the Blue Jays to try and be a solid starter in a young core. He has not been doing that this year. His 6.57 ERA is worst among starters.

8. Texas Rangers

Biggest Disappointment: Rougned Odor- While never an amazing player, Odor was always serviceable for the Rangers. Not this year. He is batting just .122 on the season and has 31 strikeouts.

7. Boston Red Sox

Biggest Disappointment: Chris Sale- Sale has sucked so far this season. He has just one win and has given up seven homeruns so far.

6. Seattle Mariners

Biggest Disappointment: Tim Beckham- Yes, I know Beckham is hitting is well. BUT, he has 41 strikeouts and 11 errors on the season. 11 errors are way too many for any player no matter how well you are hitting.

5. New York Yankees

Biggest Disappointment: Yankees Training staff- This team has been ravaged by injuries. Now it is being reported that Luis Severino is not going to be back on the mound for a while. At this rate, they will have no one to start when playoffs start.

4. Cleveland Indians

Biggest Disappointment: Jose Ramirez- The Indians need Ramirez to hit better than .200 if they want to make a run towards that World Series. At least he has stolen 9 bases on the season so far.

3. Houston Astros

Biggest Disappointment: I guess Josh James- This team is good, so it is hard to pick anyone. However, James has been one of the worst pitchers on the team. He currently sits at a 6.89 ERA on the season.

2. Minnesota Twins

Biggest Disappointment: Marwin Gonzalez- After signing Gonzalez away from the Astros, the Twins have not gotten great production out of him. He is batting .204 on the season, and he only has eight RBIs.

1. Tampa Bay Rays

Biggest Disappointment: Daniel Robertson- When you’re the best team in the AL not many of your players are disappointing. Robertson however is only hitting .172 on the year and has 28 strikeouts.

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