A.L. Power Rankings – Week 6 – 5/13/19 – Ft. Hot Takes on Each Team

Hot takes are fun. That’s why ESPN’s “First Take” is such a great show. While they are not always rooted in reality, hot takes allow fans to live out their wildest dreams. Let’s go through the American League power rankings for the week and a hot take for each team.

15. Baltimore Orioles

Hot Take: Chris Davis will finish the season with 40 homeruns. I wanted to have one completely insane hot take on this list. Here it is.

14. Kansas City Royals

Hot Take: Ned Yost won’t finish the season as the Royals head coach. Yost did lead the Royals to a World Series, however, in four short years, he has also seen that team disappear around him. He will finally have enough and call it a quits.

13. Toronto Blue Jays

Hot Take: Vlad Guerrero Jr. will win AL Rookie of the Year. After a rough start to his MLB career, only hitting .191 and no homeruns in his first 13 games, Guerrero Jr. rebounds and sets the MLB on fire to win AL Rookie of the Year.

12. Texas Rangers

Hot Take: Joey Gallo will lead the AL in homeruns. Gallo has 12 homeruns on the year so far, good enough to be tied for second in the AL, and he will keep that going throughout the year.

11. Oakland Athletics

Hot Take: The A’s go on a run to battle for a wild card spot but fall short. This team made the wild card game last season, so I expect them to break out of their early-season slump. However, it will still not be good enough to make it back to the playoffs.

10. Detroit Tigers

Hot Take: Miguel Cabrera will be traded. In the midst of a full rebuild, Cabrera realizes he wants to play for one more ring and gets dealt at the deadline.

9. Chicago White Sox

Hot Take: More than one player will be representing the White Sox at the all-star game. The one obvious player that will be there is Tim Anderson. But don’t sleep on good ole James McCann. McCann is hitting .382 on the season so far and has been one of the White Sox most reliable hitters.

8. Los Angeles Angels

Hot Take: Shohei Ohtani will pitch again this season. Why? Because the Angels are dumb. The only reason he needed the surgery in the first place was because the Angels pitched him last season when they shouldn’t have.

7. Seattle Mariners

A.L. Power Rankings – Week 5 – 5/6/19Hot Take: After a hot start, the Mariners will finish last in the AL West. The Mariners have scored the most runs in the American League so far this year. They have also given up the most runs in the American League this year. This team will continue to lose games, and in a relatively good division, the Mariners will end the season at the bottom.

6. Cleveland Indians

Hot Take: The Indians will finish third in the AL Central. The hitting is not good enough for this team to make a run for the playoffs. Barring some incredible turnaround, the Tribe will be spending October at home for the first time in many years.

5. Boston Red Sox

Hot Take: Chris Sale will return to form. After a dismal start to the season, Sale has been pitching better of late. In the month of May, Sale is 2-0 and has only let up one run over 14 innings. This is a sign of what Sale will be like for the rest of the year.

4. Tampa Bay Rays

Hot Take: Tyler Glasnow won’t be the same after the forearm injury. The best pitcher on the Rays so far, Glasnow has been shut down for four to six weeks with a forearm strain. Even after the injury, Glasnow is going to struggle.

3. New York Yankees

Hot Take: After the all-star break, the Yankees will run away with the division. Injuries suck. No one knows this like the Yankees, but once their players start coming off the IL, they will go on a long winning streak.

2. Minnesota Twins

Hot Take: The Twins will win the AL Central, but lose in the ALDS. A matchup with whoever wins the AL East seems to be in the cards for the Twins. The Twins don’t have the firepower to get past any of those teams.

1. Houston Astros

Hot Take: The Astros will win the World Series. This prediction is probably the most likely to come true. No knock on the other AL teams, but the Astros are damn good.

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