May 28, 2020

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American League Power Rankings for 9/9/19 Ft. MVP for Each Team

By Drew Modjeski

The end of the baseball regular season means a few different things. If you are a team heading to the postseason, it is time to gear up for a long tiring run towards a World Series title. If you are a team sitting at home in October, this is the time to look back and see what went wrong over the previous five months. But no matter which side of the coin you are on, every team has an MVP, so let’s look at them for each AL team in this week’s power rankings.

15. Detroit Tigers

MVP: Miguel Cabrera- I don’t know if the Tigers still want Miggy to be their MVP, but at 36-years-old Cabrera is still kicking it. He leads the Team in RBI’s with 53 and has the third highest OPS on the team.

14. Baltimore Orioles

MVP: Trey Mancini- It has been a rough season for the Orioles, but one bright spot has been Trey Mancini. He is closing in on 150 hits for the season and leads the team in homeruns and is second on the team in RBI’s.

13. Toronto Blue Jays

MVP: Bo Bichette- In just 36 games this season, Bo Bichette has set the world on fire. He is slashing .312/.349/.599 with an OPS of .948 with 10 homeruns. It is highly unlikely that Bichette will keep this going throughout his career, but it has been a magical run this season.

12. Kansas City Royals

MVP: Hunter Dozier- Dozier has been having easily his best season of his career. His WAR is at a stellar 2.7. He may not have enough time left in the year to hit 100 RBI’s, he is at 79 right now, but he is easily the Royals MVP.

11. Seattle Mariners

MVP: Daniel Vogelbach- There were not too many players available for this honor. Vogelbach is strictly a power hitter, as he has hit 30 homeruns on the year, but as most power hitters do, he has struck out a lot this year. He has 130 strikeouts this season. If he doesn’t be careful, we may have another Chris Davis on our hands.

10. Chicago White Sox

MVP: Lucas Gioltio- Last season Lucas Giolito had one of the worst ERA’s in the MLB. He has done a complete 180 and has put himself in contention for the AL Cy Young. The key to his turn around was his improvement on his accuracy. In 2018, Giolito walked 90 batters. In 2019, he has gotten that number down to 56 while also improving his strikeouts by almost 100. He has become a true ace.

9. Los Angeles Angels

MVP: Mike Trout- 45 homeruns. 104 RBI’s. 110 walks. A 1.083 OPS. Ya that is MVP stats.

8. Texas Rangers

MVP: Mike Minor- Minor has always been a solid starting pitcher. But this season he is on pace to have his second-best season ERA while pitching his most innings in a year since 2013.  The Rangers has one more year of control over Minor, so he may be a nice trading piece during the offseason.

7. Boston Red Sox

MVP: Rafael Devers- While this may be a season that the Red Sox are going to want to forget, there are some bright spots. Mainly, the young Devers turning into one of the better hitters in the MLB. He is the one of two Red Sox with over 100 RBI’s. If the Red Sox can figure out the pitching situation in the offseason, they should be able to turn the ship around.

6. Cleveland Indians

MVP: Carlos Santana- Santana returned to Cleveland this season after spending one season away in Philly, and he went right back to being one of the Indians best hitters. Santana leads the team in homeruns, RBI’s, walks, OPS and his .533 SLG percentage is second only to Francisco Lindor’s .534. Needless to say, a great season for Santana.

5. Oakland Athletics

MVP: Mike Fiers- While yes, the A’s have some amazing hitters on their team like Matt Chapman, Mike Fiers has been the most important player for the A’s. He is because he stepped up to take control of the A’s pitching staff after their best pitcher, Frankie Montas got hit with a PED suspension. The veteran Fiers was thrown into the top spot and he has excelled in it. Ever since his terrible start to the season, which saw Fiers end April with a 7.03 ERA, his ERA has dropped every single month to where it sits at a 3.51 currently. Fiers is going to be a huge piece for this team if they make it to October.

4. Tampa Bay Rays         

MVP: Charlie Morton- While Morton has struggled as of late, he is still one of the main reasons the Rays find themselves in possession of the first Wild Card spot. His 3.11 ERA is best out of the Rays starters, and it seems that Morton is the only Ray starter that doesn’t get hurt.  

3. Minnesota Twins

MVP: The Team- Baseball is a team sport, and when your team breaks the single season homerun record, then everyone deserves a shout out. We have never seen a team with this much power before, and the Twins will be a nightmare for whoever faces them in the postseason.

2. New York Yankees

MVP: DJ LeMahieu- There are too many talented players on this Yankees team, but in the end LeMahieu stood out above the pack. His 90 RBI’s are best on a team loaded with hitters and he is slashing .328/.378/.524 with an OPS of .901. LeMahieu is easily a candidate for AL MVP.

1. Houston Astros

MVP: Justin Verlander- C’mon. This man is 36-years-old out there tossing no hitters and winning 18 games. Verlander hit the 200 innings pitched mark with his last start, his fifth season in a row pitching 200 innings, and is going to win his most games since 2011. Oh, he won the Cy Young that year. Barring some disastrous finish to the season, Verlander will be taking home one more Cy Young in his career.