Don’t Even Let Rick Renteria On the Plane Back to Chicago

By: Trent Pruitt (@trentbets)

There was only one person that could stand in the way of a White Sox run to the World Series and he did. That man is Rick Renteria, one of the worst managers I’ve ever seen.

We’ve been talking about how bad this guy is for years and for some reason, he’s still at the helm of an up-and-coming organization. It really showed his inability to manage a professional baseball team down the stretch of the regular season and in this final game against Oakland.

You all know what happened with the mis-management of the bullpen when the Sox were swept by the Indians late last week so let’s fast forward to today – game three of the Wild Card round against the A’s.

For starters, did this moron even have a plan entering the win or go home finale? Was his plan really to use Dane Dunning for ⅔ of an inning?!?! Dunning was excellent throughout the regular season and to not even let the guy try and work out of a jam in the first is ridiculous. Let the guy work. If he gives up a run, so be it! You have a top three offense in the league, you will likely get a run back. Just because you have nine bullpen arms available, doesn’t mean you have to use them all in the first four innings. 

Secondly, Carlos has no business pitching in an elimination playoff game, let alone the Major Leagues. He’s done. That experiment needed to be finished years ago.

And I don’t want to hear, “Oh, well, the players blew it… Blaming it on Ricky is a cheat excuse.” Part of being a leader and a manager is putting your guys in a position to succeed. He failed to do that by bringing in high leverage guys like Crochet, Bummer, and Marshall all before the fourth inning. When’s the last time Aaron Bummer threw in the 3rd inning of a game? Terrible to put those guys in there. 

It was mistake after mistake and it all started with pulling Dunning after two outs. That is the most mind blowing move out of everything. That put a phenomenal bullpen against the wall right out of the gate. I don’t know how they can even let this bum back on the plane. There is no reason four runs shouldn’t be enough to get you a win in a postseason game. Absolutely awful management by Renteria this afternoon. I never want to see this man in a White Sox dugout again – leave his ass in Oakland.

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