Drew’s MLB Playoff Prediction

By Drew Modjeski 

Wild Card


1-0 Milwaukee Brewers defeat Washington Nationals 


1-0 Oakland Athletics defeat Tampa Bay Rays 

Divisional Series


3-0 Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Milwaukee Brewers 

3-1 Atlanta Braves defeat St. Louis Cardinals 


3-2 Houston Astros defeat Oakland Athletics 

3-1 New York Yankees defeat Minnesota Twins 

Championship Series 


4-2 Atlanta Braves defeat Los Angeles Dodgers


4-1 Houston Astros defeat New York Yankees 

World Series

4-2 Houston Astros defeat Atlanta Braves 


Everyone was freaking out about the NL Wild Card race toward the end of the season even though we all knew it didn’t matter. It is going to be the top two teams in the NL, the LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves, facing off to represent in the World Series. I see the Dodgers choking in the NLCS this time as the Braves balanced hitting and pitching attack will be too much for LA to handle. 

Ultimately, in the AL, the Astros pitching will be too much to handle. Having a starting rotation of Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole and Zack Grienke is borderline unfair. That pitching staff will carry them through the ALCS with relative ease as the Yankees won’t be able to win in Houston. Notice how I didn’t say the ALDS. The Astros will have their hands full when they take on their division rival Oakland Athletics. The Astros only went 11-8 against the Athletics this season, and with an improved Oakland pitching attack, I see that series going the distance. 

In the World Series, the Astros will win after a tough fought six-game series. The Astros have too much talent on that team for the Braves to handle. Say the Braves somehow get to the Astros starting pitchers early. Then they have to face off against the third best bullpen in all of baseball. The Astros are a cheat code this year and will hoist another Commissioner’s Trophy.  

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