English Premier League Weekly Review- Match Week #1

By: Drew Modjeski

The English Premier League is finally back. Manchester City held off Liverpool on the final match day last season to repeat as champions. Now, many expect those two to be the only contenders to hoist the trophy at the end of the year. But anything can happen in the EPL, and the first week of matches proved that.


1- Man City (3 pts. +5 GD)

2- Man United (3 pts. +4 GD)

3 – Liverpool (3 pts. +3 GD)

4 – Brighton (3 pts. +3 GD)

5 – Burnley (3 pts. +3 GD)

6 – Tottenham (3 pts. +2 GD)

7 – Arsenal (3 pts. +1 GD)

8 – Bournemouth (1 pt. 0 GD)

9 – Sheffield United (1 pt. 0 GD)

10 – Crystal Palace (1 pt. 0 GD)

11 – Everton (1 pt. 0 GD)

12 – Leicester City (1 pt. 0 GD)

13 – Wolves (1 pt. 0 GD)

14 – Newcastle (0 pt. -1 GD)

15 – Aston Villa (0 pt. -2 GD)

16 – Norwich City (0 pt. -3 GD)

17 – Southampton (0 pt. -3 GD)

18 – Watford (0 pt. -3 GD)

19 – Chelsea (0 pt. -4 GD)

20 – West Ham (0 pt. -5 GD)

Three Teams That Impressed:

Man City: The defending champs picked up right where they left off last season. They easily handled West Ham in a classic tough EPL game that saw the whistle blown 19 times for fouls. Raheem Sterling picked up a hattrick with all three goals coming in the second half. West Ham never looked like they had a chance to score as only three of their five shots were on target. City will be looking to keep this form going into next week as they have a huge home match against the team that knocked them out of Champions League play last year, Tottenham.

Brighton: Brighton is not a great team. They barely escaped relegation last season as they only beat out 18th place Cardiff City by two points. Brighton realized that there needed to be changes and spent a whopping 77.12 mil in the summer window. One of the players they brought in, Neal Maupay, cost Brighton almost 25 million, but it seems that the center-forward was worth it as he scored in his first EPL game. While they did destroy a Watford team that is also not that great, it is still impressive to see a team that barely stayed in the league win convincingly.

Sheffield United: It has been a looooong time since Sheffield United last competed in the top flight of English football. They have been on fire over the past few seasons as they were promoted to the Championship only two years ago and now find themselves back at the mountaintop. It seemed like their first game back was going to spoiled as they found themselves down late to Bournemouth. That was until Billy Sharp came off the bench and scored the equalizer in the 88th minute to salvage a point. Most newly promoted sides would not be able to be that resilient, so it was impressive to see Sheffield United get the point.

Three Teams That Disappointed

Chelsea: This should be a surprise to no one. Chelsea got embarrassed at Old Trafford on Sunday. I was at work while this game was on and it seemed like every time I would look back at the game United put another goal past Chelsea. The London side just could not get the ball in the net. They had more shots than Man U, more corner kicks and won the possession battle, but all that matters is that Chelsea lost.

Aston Villa- After winning promotion, Aston Villa spent a shit ton of money in the transfer window. It seemed like it was paying off as they found themselves up a goal within ten minutes at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. They then proceeded to park the bus in hopes that Tottenham wouldn’t score. It didn’t work. When you allow a team to hold the ball for 70% of the game then it is no surprise when you lose.

West Ham: I mean they let up five goals. It was almost six goals but the first use of VAR in the EPL took a goal away from Gabriel Jesus. Three shots on goal is not good enough to try and beat the defending champs.