Fandom vs Fading Your Favorite Team

For my website,, I cover all things Chicago White Sox. As you likely already know, The Lynq has a strong foundation in sports betting so one would think that my vision might be fogged up by having to root against my favorite team occasionally, right?

Let me lay it out this way for you – I only really care about a few things in life and they consist of: My parents, Sarge (my dog), my close friends, my wallet and financial status, my health, and then my favorite sports teams.

Sure, the White Sox have my heart and I hope the Southsiders figure their shit out asap. But at the same time, we are at least another year away from competing in the A.L. Central, let alone trying to make a World Series run. What is the point of even rooting for a team if you know they are going to miss the playoffs by like 15+ games? I might as well use my deep knowledge of the Sox to my advantage and at pad my wallet during these dark times. So that’s what I’m doing. I spend a lot of time analyzing these games and coming up with my picks. Every once in a while it works out where you find value in your favorite team and you get to wager on them, but for the most part, I think the Sox will be a profitable fade this season. I fully intend to take advantage of that.

One thing I’ve learned over my gambling career is that you have to leave emotion at the door. If there is even the slightest of indicators that an outcome will go against the Bears, Hawks, or Sox, you can guarantee I’m showing my fandom the exit for the afternoon and riding with the opposition.

Basically every day you can find my game previews and predictions for free at I write those for a pair of reasons: A – I love the White Sox and love analyzing their games & B – To show my audience that I put in the hours to make the right picks and make this profitable for my readers. You gotta provide value to your followers and this is my way of doing so! And by the way, I play all of those picks – I would never give out a pick that I’m not on… it’s unethical lol.

As of this Tuesday, May 21st, I sit at 10-9-1 on the year with an aggregate profit of $369 over the season thus far on Free White Sox Picks. That does not even compare to the premium service that I offer, which has bettors up $1,467.

So have a look at the site, buy a shirt, read my staff’s content, and make some money while you’re at it!

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