May 30, 2020

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I Miss Baseball So Let Me Tell You About My Trip To Rogers Centre To Watch The Blue Jays Last Season

By: Trent Pruitt

Last season our Cubs writer, Hector Duran and I made a spontaneous trip to Toronto to watch the Blue Jays host the Padres. We departed at like 3 A.M. ET on Sunday, May 26th and made the 5-6 hour drive to the Great White North. The game was scheduled for a 1:07 ET first pitch so we were hauling because we wanted to get there in time to watch B.P. and explore the Rogers Centre a little bit. 

Here are some of the eventful things that happened on the drive there: 

  • Hector hit a fucking deer while driving down the highway. Minimal damage to the car but there was some fur stuck in the front bumper. Can’t make this stuff up haha. 
  • I popped my Tim Horton’s cherry once we crossed the border. We were in need of wifi so I could write a betting preview for the day’s matchup. Timmy H makes a mean cup of joe. 
  • Being an L.A. Fitness member, we stopped and hit the showers in Hamilton – pretty much the neighboring city to Toronto. Pretty clutch. 

The Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre was dope. It gets an automatic boost because of the name, I love the subtle spelling changes between the various “types of English” like favorite to favourite and shop to shoppe.

The currency exchange was not an issue. I kind of expected to have to change USD for CAD to be able to buy beers at the game but the bank takes care of that stuff. I just swiped my BMO Harris card and was good to go. It was like $15 CAD a beer but the conversion brought it down to like $12 USD so I thought I was getting a deal even though that’s still pretty pricey for a 24 oz Bud Light. Oh yeah, and the cans were all in milliliters too, obviously. 

The field and stadium itself were awesome. I’ll drop some pics below. The place was massive! I think their capacity is around 53,000. It was a Sunday afternoon so the place was somewhat crowded but it’s the Jays vs Friars, so it wasn’t a packed house. Personally, I like it when the stadiums aren’t overflowing. As a big guy, I like the buffer of a seat in between me and the fellow fanatics. Speaking of the fans, we sat next to a group of people that spoke French so that’s not something you see every day. Nice people… I think. I couldn’t understand them. 

The Game 

Now, as for the game, the Jays spanked the Padres 10-1. But, the reason we picked this game was because it was going to be Marcus Stroman vs rookie sensation, Chris Paddack. But Paddack was scratched about an hour before game time. Remember that betting preview I was talking about earlier? Yeah, that didn’t matter because of the pitching change – I hate when that happens. 

Here are some of the eventful things that happened during the game: 

  • Cavan Biggio hit his first career home run and went 3-4. Cavan had just been called up and was playing in his 2nd or 3rd game. He hit a solo shot in the 4th. His dad, Craig was in attendance with their family to see.
  • Justin Smoak hit 2 moonshots and collected 5 RBI’s. 
  • Stroman goes 5 IP, giving up just 1 earned run and 5 hits. I love watching Stroman, this guy plays with so much passion. 
  • Rookie, Vlad Gurrero Jr. went 3-5 with a double. 

The Jays cruised to a 10-1 victory and I bet on them to win after I saw Paddack get scratched so it was a fun, profitable trip north of the border. 

The Ride Home

The ride home sucked. We were low on sleep and out of energy. For some reason, we decided against grabbing a hotel and just powered through. S/O to 5 Hour Energy for keeping us alive. 

Here are some of the eventful things that happened on the ride home: 

  • We saw Niagra Falls from the Canadien side. We were running late and wanted to get on the road so we literally just did a drive-by, parked for 5 minutes and watched. Next time I’m up there, I’ll be making more time to check that out. 
  • As Drake would say, we were “back home smoking legal.” Recreational Pot is legal in Canada so we stopped by the smoke shop, grab a G, and rolled a couple of joints. Not really sure of the rules, we stopped in a Wendy’s parking lot and lit those things up. I guess you can just smoke anywhere??

So that was the trip to Canada over Memorial Day Weekend in 2019. It was a hell of a time and I will definitely be going back there in the future! And it’s true, Canadiens are some of the nicest people around. Everyone was welcoming and pretty chill.

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