N.L. Power Rankings – Week 5 – 5/6/19

Monday again. Let’s get this god-forsaken day over with and watch some more baseball tonight. Here are the Lynq’s NL Power Rankings from last week, along with players for each team that have been let downs. Have complaints? Tweet @maiers_luke and let’s argue.

15. Miami Marlins 9-24

Biggest disappointment: Derek Jeter – If you’re a Marlins fan, I’m sorry. It must be the worst thing in the world to have someone outside of your organization come in and gut your team of every valuable asset you have and still expect you to “compete”.

14. San Francisco Giants 15-19

Biggest disappointment: Brandon Crawford – The Giants are only batting .218 on the season, but Crawford is really disappointing with a .211/.286/.549 slash line. He also has a negative WAR and you don’t have to be math major to know that isn’t good.

13. Cincinnati Reds 14-20

Biggest disappointment: Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig – The trade the Reds made in the offseason didn’t make much sense at the time, and neither Puig or Kemp are making it seem like a good trade. Kemp has 19 strikeouts in 60 at bats while Puig is only getting on base 24% of the time.

12. Washington Nationals 14-19

Biggest disappointment: Brian Dozier – Dozier has seemed lost since he belted 42 home runs in 2016. He only has six extra base hits this season and has 32 strikeouts compared to just 19 hits. The Nats signed Dozier in hope that he would be their everyday second basemen. That’s not the case.

11. New York Mets 16-18

Biggest disappointment: Starting rotation – A few years back, the Mets seemed to have the best up and coming pitchers. O how that fire has burned out. Aside from deGrom, this rotation has greatly disappointed. Highlighted with flame thrower, Noah Syndergaard who carries a 5.02 ERA with him.

10. Colorado Rockies 16-19

Biggest disappointment: Kyle Freeland – The 26-year old starting pitcher is coming off of a season where he won 17 games and had a 2.85 ERA. That has ballooned up to a 5.90 ERA and allowing almost two home runs per nine innings pitched.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates 16-15

Biggest disappointment: Francisco Cervelli – The Pirates catcher has struggled mightily at the dish this season as he is only batting .176. 15 hits in 85 at bats is not a good thing. Pittsburgh is still hanging around the .500 mark, though. They’re off to a surprisingly, not bad start.

8. Atlanta Braves 18-16

Biggest disappointment: Bullpen – ATL would be a very damn good team if they would have the ability to close games out, but injuries to their bullpen has handicapped them. Their relievers currently rock a 4.22 ERA and have a WHIP of 1.48. They got back to their winning ways last week as they swept the Marlins.

7. San Diego Padres 19-16

Biggest disappointment: Ian Kinsler – Kinsler had been the savvy, consistent veteran on every team he has ever been on. This season is not the case. He currently has a slash line of .173/.239/.337, so he has been basically worthless offensively. Kinsler’s fielding is fine, but he carries a WAR of -.5 right now.

6. Milwaukee Brewers 20-16

Biggest disappointment: Jesus Aguilar – Aguilar always kind of had a boom or bust power hitter feel to him. He was either going to rip a long ball or do nothing. This year, he is doing nothing. His .169 batting average is definitely the low spot for this team after he had a career season last year.

5. Philadelphia Phillies 19-14

Biggest disappointment: Aaron Nola – The once Cy Young Award candidate is everything but that this season. He has the highest ERA of the starters on the Phillies and has a WHIP of 1.61. Nola has only produced two quality starts in his seven games started.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks 20-14

Biggest disappointment: None – I looked long and hard to find a flaw with the Diamondbacks and I couldn’t find one. They are over achieving thus far, and every single one of their players is doing their part.

3. St. Louis Cardinals 20-14

Biggest disappointment: Matt Carpenter – This one was an easy choice. Carpenter batted .257 and hit 36 home runs last season. He was an MVP candidate after the All-Star Break. That’s not the case this season. He’s been a no show with is .214 average and 10 extra base hits.

2. Chicago Cubs 19-12

Biggest disappointment: Yu Darvish – Darvish was brought into Chicago before last season on a huge deal. He has sucked since signing that deal. He only has one quality start in seven starts this season and has a WHIP north of 1.70. The Cubs are playing very well right now, but Darvish is trying his best to lose every game possible.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers 22-14

Biggest disappointment: Walker Buehler – After last season, Buehler was seen as the heir to the Kershaw throne, but this season is changing people’s minds. His stats aren’t that bad this season, aside from his ERA (5.22). Buehler has only gotten through six innings once this season. He may stumble onto success as the season goes along, but for now, he’s been a disappointment.

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