A.L. Power Rankings – Week 7 – 5/20/19 – Ft. Fan Base Reactions

Being a fan can be a tough thing. Not as tough as actually playing the sport but still tough. The emotional rollercoaster that is being a die-hard fan of a team has its highs and its lows. That is true even for this young MLB season. Here is the American League power ranking, and what every fandom is feeling about their team.

15. Baltimore Orioles

Fan base feeling: Can the season just be over?

The Orioles once again come in last place in our AL power rankings. This leads fans to wish it was October. Not so they can watch playoff baseball, but just so the season is over.

14. Kansas City Royals

Fan base feeling: How hard is it to build a time machine?

A few years ago, the Royals were winning the World Series. Now, they just suck. They find themselves 15 games under .500, and dead last in the worst division in baseball.

13. Detroit Tigers

Fan base feeling: Same old Detroit

The Lions, Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers. What do they have in common? They all suck. The Tigers are in for the long long rebuild. Their biggest stars are still old and there isn’t that much to look forward too.

12. Toronto Blue Jays

Fan base feeling: We aren’t good, but that’s okay.

The Blue Jays are a bad team. But all bad teams don’t have to be a bad thing. This team is in a rebuild, but when you have Vlad Guerrero Jr., and his four homeruns in the last six games, there is reasons to be excited.

11. Oakland Athletics

Fan base feeling: Ugh.

The A’s are a better team than they are giving off. They made the playoffs a year ago, and currently post a +13-run differential. The only problem is that they suck on the road. A 8-15 road record will never be good enough to get to the playoffs.

10. Seattle Mariners

Fan base feeling: We knew this would happen.

It seems that every year the Mariners do something to make their fans excited, and then let them down. After a hot start which saw themselves scoring runs on runs, the Mariners have turned back into the Mariners. Which means they suck. They have given up the most runs in the AL with 292 runs against. The next worst AL team is the Orioles with 271. When you are worst than the Orioles at something, you are in trouble.

9. Chicago White Sox

Fan base feeling: Optimistically crying in a corner.

I know this one from personal experience. The White Sox have a lot of good young pieces to bring optimism to any fan. Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez and many more looks to power the White Sox to better in the future. The only problem? They will probably find a way to blow it as they always do.

8. Texas Rangers

Fan base feeling: I thought we were supposed to suck?

The Rangers are taking advantage of a pretty weak American League to fall to the 8 spot in the power rankings. However, it may be a curse instead of a blessing. This team is not going to make the playoffs, so they would probably rather be worse and get a better draft pick.

7. Los Angeles Angels

Fan base feeling: We are going to be .500 forever.

Maybe not forever, but probably until Trout is gone. Don’t get me wrong, Mike Trout is one of the greatest players of the generation, but the team will never be able to assemble a good team around him. Why? His contract restricts them too much. Angels fans just enjoy watching a master play, and don’t think about the playoffs.

6. Boston Red Sox

Fan base feeling: See, we don’t suck.

The Red Sox are finally back over .500 after a dismal start to the season. The only problem is that they are in third place of their division looking up at two amazing teams in the Rays and Yankees. They will still need to play better if they want to try and defend their title.

5. Cleveland Indians

Fan base feeling: I thought this division was supposed to suck.

Going into the season, many thought the Indians were going to win the AL Central by default. It looked like every other team would either be sub or close to .500. Then the Twins happened. The Indians pitching is outstanding, but if they don’t start hitting better, they can kiss the AL Central good bye.

4. New York Yankees

Fan base feeling: STOP GETTING HURT

It is truly a wonder that this team is 11 games over .500 at this point. Everybody and their mother is hurt, but they still find ways to win games.

3. Tampa Bay Rays

Fan base feeling: So, where is our new stadium?

The Rays are finally good again thanks to some stellar pitching. But they still have to play in that eye sore called Tropicana Field. They had plans to build a new stadium, but they fell through.

2. Minnesota Twins

Fan base feeling: Oh, so we are good.

Through the first month of the season, I didn’t know if this Minnesota team was good or just hot. I have learned now that they are in fact really good. A +74 run differential is second best in the AL behind the Astros.

1. Houston Astros

Fan base feeling: Can we have our trophy already?

The Astros are damn good. There is talent all around this team, and it is hard to see them not at least making it to the fall classic. However, they do need to get better on the road as they are only 15-12 away from Houston.

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