N.L. Power Rankings – Week 6 – 5/13/19 – Ft. Hot Takes on Each Team

Another seven days have come and gone this MLB season. The Dodgers are still running the NL, but there is some movement among the lower teams in this week’s power rankings. I also threw in my hottest take for each team. As always, if you disagree with them, tweet me at @maiers_luke.

15. Miami Marlins 10-29

Hot take: Miami should cut everyone and have open tryouts with the public. That way, the fans stay involved.

14. San Francisco Giants 17-23

Hot take: Trade every piece of value and prepare for the future. Their old roster is not going to accomplish anything, but they can get value for Bumgarner, Posey, Belt, and Crawford.

13. Washington Nationals 16-24

Hot take: This is the most boring team in the league. Even the most exciting player on this team, Max Scherzer, is having a bad season. They just aren’t enjoyable to watch.

12. Cincinnati Reds 18-23

Hot take: Cincinnati would compete in any other division in baseball. It just so happens that they play in the toughest division in the league.

11. Colorado Rockies 19-21

Hot take: Nolan Arenado will go down as the second greatest player from this era, but will receive no recognition.

10. New York Mets 19-20

Hot take: Noah Syndergaard needs to be shipped ASAP. His value keeps dropping, and they might as well get some value for him.

9. Atlanta Braves 21-20

Hot take: Nick Markakis is the most undervalued player in the history of the MLB. If he had more name recognition, he’d be in the Hall of Fame someday.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates 20-17

Hot take: If the Pirates can compete this season, they will have an MVP candidate on their team by the name of Josh Bell.

7. San Diego Padres 22-19

Hot take: This is maybe the most “goodest” team ever. Yes, I said goodest. They are not great and they aren’t bad. They are just good. Their good lineup ranks on the all-time list for one of the “goodest” teams ever.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks 22-19

Hot take: Adam Jones was maybe the best offseason acquisition that no one is talking about. He currently has a .272/.337/.503 slash line.

5. St. Louis Cardinals 22-19

Hot take: The NL Central is no longer their division. It hasn’t been for some years now. The Brewers and Cubs will fight for the Central. The Cards will only compete for Wild Card births.

4. Philadelphia Phillies 23-16

Hot take: I believe that Jake Arrieta has been dabbling with PEDs over the last handful of years. I like Arrieta, but he gained a few miles per hour on his fastball the year he won his Cy Young. Before he came to Chicago, his lowest ERA was 4.66. He hasn’t had an ERA higher than 3.96 since then.

3. Milwaukee Brewers 24-18

Hot take: Miller Lite is a garbage beer and should not be served to anyone aside from criminals. Another take on this team is that Yelich is going to win the Triple Crown in 2019.

2. Chicago Cubs 24-14

Hot take: Joe Maddon is detrimental to the Cubs. He almost lost them the 2016 World Series, and I’m not a fan of how he always plays with the lineup.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers 27-16

Hot take: The Dodgers will represent the NL in the World Series once again. Bellinger will lead these boys back to the promised land.

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