N.L. Power Rankings – Week 7 – 5/20/19 – Ft. Fan Base Reactions

In this week’s power rankings, I say how most fan bases should be feeling to this point in the season based on their preseason expectation. As always, if you disagree with them, tweet me at @maiers_luke.

15 Miami Marlins 13-31

Fans opinions: This is what Miami fans should’ve expected coming into the season. If you were to trace back three years, before they traded everyone, and had that current lineup, they would be leading the NL East.

14 Washington Nationals 19-27

Fans opinions: Nats’ fans have to feel shitty. They knew losing Harper was going to hurt, but not this much. Scherzer seems to have lost his punch a little, and the lineup as a whole is under performing.

13 San Francisco Giants 20-25

Fans opinions: The Giants are always expected to compete, but their roster is old. I’m sure they feel discouraged and fear that they are in the midst of the beginning of their rebuild. Hey, at least they can sleep knowing they have three titles in the last decade.

12 Colorado Rockies 20-25

Fans opinions: The Rockies’ fans have to feel down on themselves. They were coming into this year returning a lot of key pieces from last years’ team. It just so happens that they play in the most difficult division in baseball and aren’t playing great thus far.

11 New York Mets 20-25

Fans opinions: What else should they expect? This year is what happens every season. The Mets start hot then cool off after the first 15 games.

10 Cincinnati Reds 21-26

Fans opinions: Cincinnati. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You are a good baseball team but just play in a tough division. You currently have a +24 +-. Nothing to hang your heads about.

9 San Diego Padres 23-24

Fans opinions: I imagine that this is exactly what Padre fans expected after signing Machado this off season. They have a lineup that should hover around the .500 mark all season.

8 Atlanta Braves 25-22

Fans opinions: Braves’ fans should feel slightly discouraged. Not because of their lineup. But because of their pitching. This team is solid but is just missing some key arms that would make this team a NL contending squad.

7 Pittsburgh Pirates 24-20

Fans opinions: You have to be feeling good if you’re a fan of the black and gold. They have a solid rotation and some good position players. Just like the Reds, however, they are buried beneath three very good teams in the Central.

6 St. Louis Cardinals 24-23

Fans opinions: I’d be pissed if I was a fan of the Red Birds. They had a promising start, and have wet the bed since getting swept by the Cubs a few weeks back. This roster is too good to be this bad.

5 Arizona Diamondbacks 25-22

Fans opinions: I’m very content if I’m a Dbacks fan. They are performing well and having relatively unknown players playing good. Hang in there and you might just catch a Wild Card birth.

4 Philadelphia Phillies 27-19

Fans opinions: The Fighting Phils should feel good about themselves. The lead the NL East by 2.5 games and haven’t fully hit their stride yet. Come the end of the season, this team will be a whole lot better.

3 Milwaukee Brewers 28-21

Fans opinions: Optimistic. The Brewers run out a strong, feared lineup and found a couple of pitchers this season. Will they catch the Cubs in the Central? No. Will they get a Wild Card? Yes.

2 Chicago Cubs 27-17

Fans opinions: I’m feeling good if I’m a Cubs fan, but still a little cautious. Chicago needs to add a bullpen arm and hope Darvish pans out. If that happens, they’ll run away with this division.

1 Los Angeles Dodgers 31-17

Fans opinions: Dodger fans should feel spoiled. They run the NL West and that is not changing this season. They have solid pitching and the leading candidate for NL MVP in Cody Bellinger. They’ll be in the World Series.

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