April 3, 2020

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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

By: Lucas Sreniawski

32) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were horrendous last week, refusing to play any sort of defense on their way to a blowout loss at home. If they keep this up they could end up being the worst team in NFL history.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ever since Jameis Winston’s infamous “eat a W” pregame speech, the Bucs have been eating nothing but L’s and this week was no different as the 49ers handled them easily.

30) New York Giants

Despite riding Saquan to an early lead, the Giants simply got beat by a better team. Unfortunately for Eli and Giants fans this is going to happen quite a lot this year.

29) Denver Broncos

I was hoping for more from the Broncos Monday night, but their defense was unable to interrupt the Raiders and their offense couldn’t do much against a Raiders defense that will be average at best. Vic Fangio just needs more horses to work with on defense to really get them going.

28) Arizona Cardinals

After 3 quarters of bad Kyler Murray and the Cardinals offense really picked things up in the fourth quarter. They obviously need to be more consistent but I liked what I saw out of that offense at the end. Consider me intrigued when it comes to Arizona.

27) Detroit Lions

The Lions needed to prove to me that they were no longer the same old Lions. Blowing a fourth quarter lead against an inferior team is not the way to do that. While they did not lose in their opener, that collapse did not instill me with much confidence in this team.

26) Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals were one of the hardest teams for me to rank this week, because while they did lose to a Seattle team I have questions about, I was really impressed with Andy Dalton, John Ross and the Cincinnati offense. If they can continue to play like that, they will win some games this year.

25) Washington Redskins

Washington was another team I wanted to reward for their performance despite a loss. They played an outstanding Philadelphia team and had a lead for quite some time. Eventually, Philly’s talent won out but still this was a nice gutsy performance from the Redskins.

24) Buffalo Bills

Buffalo was reeling on offense and quite frankly got bailed out by the injury to Jets LB CJ Mosley. Before he left the game, Buffalo could not stop turning it over and looked lost on offense. Regardless, their defense played well and they should be solid on that side of the ball all season. So, while they may have gotten lucky, a win is a win.

23) New York Jets

While the Bills got lucky the Jets were unlucky. Before CJ Mosley got hurt the Jets defense was dominant, even scoring a touchdown on that side of the ball. With the injury to CJ Mosley looking to be minor they should still stick in some games this year, but they really needed this one if they were going to somehow make the playoffs this year.

22) Jacksonville Jaguars

While it’s hard to be too tough on the defense for a poor performance against Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs, they’re going to need to be better than that if they expect to win now that Nick Foles is out. I should mention that backup Gardner Minshew played well, but let’s see how he does against a defense that is not, well, really bad.

21) Indianapolis Colts

This team is probably going to be a bummer all year, they went from a Super Bowl contender with Luck to a team who will most likely miss the playoffs without him. I hope they can prove me wrong, but it does not seem likely.

20) Oakland Raiders

Not a bad showing week 1 for the Raiders as they handled the Broncos with ease in their last home opener in the Bay. They still have a lot of proving to do but they seem to be playing free and relaxed without Antonio Brown.

19) Pittsburg Steelers

The Steelers looked real real bad week 1 against the Patriots. Like seriously really bad. They could do nothing right on either side of the ball and I would be very nervous right now if I was a Steelers fan.

18) Carolina Panthers

The Panthers got a rough draw week 1 having to play the Rams, so it is tough to get a read on how good they really are. The one thing I do know is they can’t rely as much on Christian McCaffery as they did this game if they want him to last the whole season.

17) San Francisco 49ers

In week 1 the 49ers took care of business against an inferior team, easily handling Tampa Bay. I’m excited to see what they can do as they start to play some better teams, but this is still a very good start for them this season.

16) Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons disappointed me week 1 as they got easily beat by the Vikings. I expected the Vikings to win at home but Matt Ryan did not look good and the Vikings seemed to have their way with them all game.

15) Cleveland Browns

Speaking of disappointments, the Browns were absolutely terrible last week getting blown out at home to the Titans. The offense never got a rhythm and the Titans blew the game wide open in the fourth quarter. Baker and the offense are going to need to get on the same page if they’re going to build the leads the defense needs to unleash that pass rush.

14) Seattle Seahawks

Seattle did win this week but they got a lot tougher of a test than they expected with the Bengals. The Bengals exposed holes in the Seattle secondary that I’m not sure they will be able to cover up. Let’s see if Russell Wilson can carry them back to the playoffs once more.

13) Houston Texans

Despite barely losing a tough game on the road to one of the leagues best teams, I still had to drop the Texans because of how poor their offensive line is. Watson is already feeling the pain after just 1 game this season and if they don’t figure something out, they’re going to be in trouble.

12) Chicago Bears

The Bears were absolutely pathetic on offense, but their defense played lights out in their season opener. Their offense won’t be that bad every game, but they will need a lot of improvement if they expect to win a title.

11) Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens looked spectacular in Miami last week, easily taking advantage of the worst team in the game. I don’t want to overreact to a week 1 win against a terrible team, but if Lamar truly is much improved from the pocket then teams need to watch out for Baltimore.

10) Los Angeles Chargers

Another team that won and dropped was the Chargers. When you’re this close to the top, you’re usually going to need to win in style to keep pace on my rankings. And after barely winning against a mediocre Colts team, the Chargers suffer a slight slide on my list.

9) Tennessee Titans

My favorite team from week 1 was easily the Titans. They showed me everything I hoped they could be against the Browns, shutting them down on defense and looking sharp all day on offense. Maybe this is the year the Titans finally reach their potential.

8) Green Bay Packers

The Packers kicked off the NFL season with an impressive defensive performance in Chicago. Green Bay has always relied on Rodgers to carry the whole team, but if this defense is legit, then they could do some damage this year.

7) Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys took care of business against the lowly Giants week 1, and Dak looked spectacular as he attempts to secure himself a contract extension.

6) Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings put together an impressive performance against the Falcons to start their season with their defense returning to dominant form and their offensive line looking much improved. If their O-Line can play like that all year, they will be right in the mix at the end.

5) Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles overcame a slow start to beat their division rivals the Redskins week 1. While their secondary did get exposed by Case Keenum, I still expect that front 7 to carry that side of the ball most of the year.

4) Los Angeles Rams

The Rams overcame a slow start on offense to beat a solid Panthers team week 1, but they will need Goff and the offense to look a lot smoother if they want to find themselves back in the big game.

3) New Orleans Saints

The Saints finally got to play another game after their crushing defeat that we all remember in last years NFC Championship game, getting to Deshaun Watson 6 times and looking good on offense all night. They needed a 58-yard field goal to win, but I saw no signs of regression for the Saints.

2) Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs rolled the Jaguars despite a long-term shoulder injury to Tyreek Hill and a bum ankle for Pat Mahomes. This offense picked up right where they left off from last season but unfortunately for the Chiefs so did their defense. Even with the poor defense, Mahomes and the offense is more than good enough to make it to the Super Bowl, but it would be helpful if they could find a way to be competent on that side of the ball.

1)New England Patriots

The Patriots looked like the Patriots in week 1 as they absolutely dominated the Steelers. We will see what happens with AB and these allegations but I don’t think they need him to be considered Super Bowl favorites once again. The defense was suffocating, and the offense was explosive. The rest of the league needs to watch out because the Pats aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.