May 28, 2020

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Raiding the Transformation of Antonio Brown

By: Emily Musella

In case you haven’t already looked at the recent activity of the Antonio Brown show today, grab your popcorn for this one because he was released this morning by the Oakland Raiders. I know what you are thinking, wasn’t A.B. just apologizing to his Raiders teammates less than two days ago? Well, looks like Brown is off and ready to start somewhere new and leave his team behind. But what options does Brown have now that he is an unrestricted free agent? 

Looks like we did not have to ponder about this one too much as Brown inked a one year deal with the New England Patriots later in the day. He will not be eligible to play in week one which shatters the possibility of a revenge game against his former former team the Pittsburgh Steelers. With excessive offensive weaponry for Tom Brady, the Patriots will be practically unstoppable. 

Flashback to when Antonio Brown suffered a massive blow to the head against former Cincinnati Bengals defensive player Vontaze Burfict. People believe Brown hasn’t been the same since that hit which could hint at the CTE controversy that floats around throughout the NFL from time to time. The undisciplined nature of Brown progressed significantly after that hit. Though it could be completely coincidental one wonders how the physicality of the game can alter the mindset of a football player. 

Can one rationalize the thought process Antonio Brown had to cause an abundance of controversy prior to the kickoff of the regular season, only to end up with the king of the jungle afc east Patriots? Regardless of what one may say, Brown is sitting on the throne and will finally have a legitimate chance to obtain a Super Bowl ring. Unless of course, Brown causes Bill Belichick more issues than he is willing to handle. Pats nation, get ready for one of the most talented players to be on your side, with a spicy attitude and questionable judgment calls to match. Are you ready?