May 28, 2020

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The Patriot Way? More Like the Highway… AB Out of New England

By: Emily Musella

Folks, I hope you didn’t think the Antonio Brown show was canceled, because it just dropped another episode on Saturday.

 After all the allegations and Brown’s inability to stay quiet and not cause problems with the opposing party, he lost his spot with the best team in the NFL, the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick has had enough of the constant dramatics and decided AB’s talents were not worth his laundry of legal issues anymore. 

The fact that the Patriots could not discipline Brown, can anyone at this point? Tom Brady chimed in and reacted with heart emojis on Brown’s post, but I mean, anyone can do that for publicity. The Seattle Seahawks pledged their interest prior to Brown signing with the Patriots, but now, they want absolutely nothing to do with the talented WR. Ouch, that hurt all the way from the west coast office of Pete Carroll. 

Not only did Brown lose his football team, he also lost a major deal with Nike. Nike is no longer considering Antonio Brown to be a Nike Athlete. Looks like Brown keeps getting off on the wrong foot. In case you aren’t keeping track of how much money Brown has lost since being released from the Oakland Raiders, over $39 million…that’s right, MILLION. Oh and for being on the Patriots for a whopping 11 days, Brown could be set to earn only 158k this year. 

Biggest question around the league is whether or not ANOTHER team is willing to roll the dice in the Brown Game. The Oakland Raiders were burned by the Antonio Brown antics, the New England Patriots lost the “lock in” Super Bowl win this season, who dares to actually give this man another chance? 

Though there are a plethora of unsuccessful and injured teams entering Week 3, are they really going to risk having Brown sit out on paid leave just to say they have him? Not likely. If anything, most teams will wait until the NFL is finished conducting Brown’s allegations. Until then, Brown will continue to search for a “forever” team that he can play on for eleven days or maybe longer.

 As for his support system, well let’s just say it’s dwindling like his bank account. It’s one thing to have millions of followers, but what Brown fails to recognize is that his followers are just sitting back watching his drama movie unfold. Who is really tricking who here? 

Have no fear though, Brown will have a front row seat to every game the rest of this season… on his fancy coach. Until next week, on the Antonio Brown show.