Trent’s MLB 2019 Season Predictions

The 2019 MLB season is underway, so of course I have to post my season long predictions. I’m going to put together a list of how I think the divisions will turn out, how the playoffs will unfold, and who I think will be the MVPs & ROYs of each league.

Let’s start out with the…

AL East

Boston Red Sox 103-59

New York Yankees 101-61

Tampa Bay Rays 94-68

Toronto Blue Jays 73-89

Baltimore Orioles 57-105

AL Central

Cleveland Indians 91-71

Minnesota Twins 81-81

Chicago White Sox 74-88

Detroit Tigers 72-90

Kansas City Royals 68-94

AL West

Houston Astros 100-62

Oakland A’s 92-70

Los Angeles Angels 90-72

Seattle Mariners 83-79

Texas Rangers 60-102

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies 96-66

Atlanta Braves 94-68

Washington Nationals 91 – 71

New York Mets 85-77

Miami Marlins 64-98

NL Central

Milwaukee Brewers 93-69

St. Louis Cardinals 92-70

Chicago Cubs 89-73

Pittsburgh Pirates 80-82

Cincinnati Reds 73-89

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers 90-72

Colorado Rockies 88-74

San Diego Padres 83-79

San Francisco Giants 69-93

Arizona DBacks 57-105

Moving forward I will say…

NL MVP – Paul Goldschmidt

AL MVP – Aaron Judge

NL ROY – Fernando Tatis Jr.

AL Roy – Eloy Jimenez

As for the playoffs, In the Wild Card games I will take…

-The Cardinals over the Braves

-The Yankees over the Rays

Divisional Round

-Brewers over Dodgers

-Cardinals over Phillies

-Yankees over Red Sox

-Astros over Indians

Championship Series

-Brewers over Cardinals

-Astros over Yankees

World Series

-Astros over Brewers

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