What is Lynq Sports??

Welcome to Lynq Sports – also known by most as The Lynq. If you somehow found yourself on my site you’re probably wondering what it is that we do.

I started this website for several reasons:

  1. I love sports. I don’t care if it’s football, hockey, or golf – I’ll watch it.
  2. I’m pretty good at gambling on sports. Other than talking about the sports world, my team (coming soon) and I will be writing game previews with our predictions in hope that you can use those to your own advantage and grow your bankroll.
  3. I sell my best picks every day. Having my own site to help promote that and grow my client list is a no-brainer. (Not any more, all free analysis!)
  4. I wanted to give myself and my team a platform to speak on their sports knowledge. There are too many assholes on t.v. or the radio saying dumb things. Since I only have a business degree and inexperience in writing, I likely couldn’t start writing for any big-time outlets, even if I wanted to… so I decided to create my own platform!

I have a lot in store for The Lynq – Articles, Interviews, Pods, Videos, & much much more. I’m taking this to the next level and it should be expected that we’ll be a household name in the near future.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, win some money, and live the Lynq Life.

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