Where did George Springer Come From?

Is it really fair for the rest of the league that the Astros have all the good players? If you went around and asked most baseball fans, they would say the front runner for the AL MVP would be George Springer. Springer is currently hitting .320 on the year with 16 home runs and 40 RBI’s. He leads the American League in hits, runs scored, runs created, homeruns and RBI’s. Springer has always been a good serviceable player. He is a two-time all-star, a silver slugger, finished eighth in voting for rookie of the year in 2014 and finished thirteenth in MVP voting in 2017. But where the hell did this season come from?!

In most statistical categories that you look at, Springer is knocking them out of the park. Take for example his batting average of .320. That is a great number, but one may say that there are players out there hitting better than that. While yes that is true, but if you look at the league batting average of .246, which is a statistic that measures what the average batting average would be if everyone played same ballparks, it shows that Springer is overperforming.

Even in the field, Springer is playing well. He has only committed two errors on the year while splitting time between center and right field. However, he is clearly best in right field as he has a positive run saved at +3. Compared to the -3 he has in center, it is best if the Astros kept him in right field.

During the 2017 dream season, Springer hit 34 homeruns that whole season. That was his career best. If you did some simple math, he is on pace to past that mark by around the all-star break. To put Springers 16 homeruns at this point into context, at this time in 2001, Barry Bonds had 16 homeruns on the year as well. We all know that season ended with Bonds breaking the single season homerun record with 73. I am not saying that Springer will hit 73 homeruns, he is still chasing Christian Yelich for the most homeruns in the league, but it just shows how insanely well Springer is playing. If Springer keeps this pace up, we are in for a magical season.

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