December 2, 2020

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White Sox Weekly 2019 – Week 4 (Inaugural Report)

It was a really “White Sox” week for the White Sox – extremely average in my eyes. This is the first of many Weekly Reports on the South Siders this season. Every Monday I’ll post this article covering the highlights, lowlights, and whatever happened Sox-related.

Overall Analysis

The White Sox went 3-3 as they grabbed two wins over the Royals and one win while visiting Motown – Detroit. Like I said, just a ‘mehhh’ week for them. There were definitely some good signs, but at the same time, ugly fielding plays and questionable managing. Let’s dive right in to what happened this week for the South Side Crew:

Tim Anderson

Anderson might have been the most talked about player in the MLB this week, and not for his killer stats at the plate. He’s batting .418 with 4 homers and 13 RBI’s. But as I said, he was in the national spotlight for another reason – his 1 game suspension that he received after Wednesday’s game with the Royals. Tim hit a no-doubter, bomb and had a pretty gnarly bat flip to follow it up. His following at-bat, Royals pitcher, Brad Keller beamed him. The benches cleared and Timmy may or may not have called Keller the “N-Word.” So the MLB decided to hit him with a 1-game suspension. I have so many different opinions on this that I’m going to do a whole different blog or maybe a vlog about it. I’m pretty fired up that it went that far and to be honest, I don’t think he should have gotten suspended – let alone tossed out of the game. He was the one that got hit for Pete’s sake…. And of course, it was that clown Joe West who threw him out of the game. Damnit Cowboy Joe.

Daniel Palka

Oh My Lord… It’s about time this guy got designated for assignment. Palka went 41 plate appearances before he finally got his first hit against the Royals in the 7th inning on Wednesday. It was so frustrating seeing Daniel go to the plate over and over and it’s just an easy out. I’ll be honest though, once he hit the 0-34 mark, I started to root for him to break Chris Davis’ tremendous streak of 0-54 to start the season. The bottom of the Sox order is absolute garbage. Between Palka, Yolmer Sanchez, & Wellington Castillo – it’s easy outs throughout the 7, 8, & 9 holes. The Sox turn to Ryan Cordell to fill the void in RF, and so far so good. He went 5-10 with a homerun against the Tigers.

Lucas Giolito

During Wednesday’s start, Lucas Giolito was dealing against the Royals. It was going well until he came up with hamstring tightness in the third inning. Long man, Manny Banuelos will start in his position while Giolito is likely to miss one start. The Sox also made the move to bring up Carson Fulmer, to play a part in the bullpen. Fulmer has thrown in two games this season, including his recent 1 inning stint where he gave up 2 earned runs and struck out 1 batter.

The Week Ahead

Guys, I said this in my preview for Monday Night’s game vs the Orioles, this is an extremely soft spot in the Sox schedule. There is no reason they shouldn’t go like 5-1 this week. We’re in Baltimore for the front half of the week against a pretty soft Orioles club who has the worst team ERA (6.21) and Batting Average Against (.287). I would expect the mediocre Sox bats to come alive this series. I really need to see this offense explode for 10+ runs in a couple of these games – there’s no reason they shouldn’t against an Orioles team who is supposed to be awful this year.

Following the O’s, the White Sox will host the Tigers at the G-Spot for a weekend 3-game set. Once again, a great opportunity to add two or three wins early in the season. We’re sitting at 8-12 so far this season and I see so much potential for this club. I know we’re still a year away from really competing but I would love, love, love to see us go for 70+ wins this year. It’s laughable that my hopes are that low, but watch out – once we get rid of Sanchez and Engel, develop a good catcher, and add a couple of pitchers (not named Ervin Santana or Ivan Nova)… it’s over for the Central.