June 14, 2021

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Why Haven’t the Oakland Athletics Moved to Las Vegas Yet?

By: Trent Pruitt (@trentbets

Big news coming out of the Bay today that the A’s are looking to relocate if they can’t come to an agreement with the city of Oakland to build a brand new state of the art stadium on the waterfront. And I pose the question, why hasn’t the relocation already been done yet? 

In short, because the A’s have a contract through 2024 to stay at the Coliseum. Once that’s up, there are only two options for the franchise: build a new stadium or relocate. The city probably isn’t going to budge in terms of using taxpayer dollars to subsidize the new project and we all know that A’s owner, John Fisher is a complete cheapskate. So the new stadium is 100% not getting built and I think Oakland went from having three professional sports teams a few years ago to having none in a couple of seasons. 

John Fisher, the cheapest owner in all of sports

I know we’re supposed to be anti-owner and anti-establishment and all of that stuff, but why would John Fisher want to stay in a bind with the city of Oakland and have to pay out of his own pocket when you can move to a city that will openly embrace you and foot a huge part of the bill? This is like staying in a burnt out relationship with an inferior girl that should’ve been axed months ago (the relationship, not the girl) vs. moving on to a better chick with other, better attributes (I’ll leave it at that since I don’t want to get canceled or labeled a misogynist).

I mean, c’mon. Similar to what the Raiders did, it’s time to trade the stars and get a haul in prospects or draft capital so you can start the rebuild for Vegas. Oakland is a thing of the past. Tank the team now so you’re ready to compete in 3-4 years when you’re in a city that actually wants you. The Oakland A’s are finished. It’s time to focus on being the Vegas A’s (or maybe a change to the Ace’s). I will feel bad for the fans of the Athletics, though. The A’s fans that I know are some of the most supportive and knowledgeable in the game. It sucks that the city of Oakland and owners of the A’s, Raiders, and Warriors refuse to reinvest their earnings to keep the teams around. 

And on a final side note, there was an article that I saw today that said the Raiders were putting in a nightclub in one of the endzones with bottle service and DJ’s. Would you rather spend your time with the guys banging drums and playing the vuvuzela in right field or build a bar and club in the outfield.